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LAST DEPLOYED: Sun May 19 22:09:47 2024 NAMESPACE: default STATUS: deployed REVISION: 1 TEST SUITE: None NOTES: CHART NAME: mariadb CHART VERSION: 18.0.6 APP VERSION: 11.3.2

    • Please be patient while the chart is being deployed **


 Watch the deployment status using the command: kubectl get pods -w --namespace default -l


 echo Primary: mariadb01.default.svc.cluster.local:3306

Administrator credentials:

 Username: root
 Password : $(kubectl get secret --namespace default mariadb01 -o jsonpath="{.data.mariadb-root-password}" | base64 -d)


To connect to your database:

 1. Run a pod that you can use as a client:
     kubectl run mariadb01-client --rm --tty -i --restart='Never' --image --namespace default --command -- bash
 2. To connect to primary service (read/write):
     mysql -h mariadb01.default.svc.cluster.local -uroot -p my_database

To upgrade this helm chart:

 1. Obtain the password as described on the 'Administrator credentials' section and set the 'auth.rootPassword' parameter as shown below:
     ROOT_PASSWORD=$(kubectl get secret --namespace default mariadb01 -o jsonpath="{.data.mariadb-root-password}" | base64 -d)
     helm upgrade --namespace default mariadb01 oci:// --set auth.rootPassword=$ROOT_PASSWORD

WARNING: There are "resources" sections in the chart not set. Using "resourcesPreset" is not recommended for production. For production installations, please set the following values according to your workload needs:

 - primary.resources
 - secondary.resources

+info [root@kuber01 ~]#